Reiki, massage, EFT, laying on of hands, and more. Relax. We help mend the body and spirit.

Schedule healing.

Healing the Body & Spirit

Feel your best, look your best, be your best.

Any visit to Enchanted Elements should leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed. But some visits are extra special. Explore a world of healing energies, and restorative power. We are
skilled experts in many traditions, from East to West, ancient to modern.

Let us help you flourish and thrive!

Laying on Hands
A healing tradition practiced around the world. Cynthia studied with the renowned Enos Yoder.

Meridian Dance
A unique and intense healing experience with Master Tao Huang. Available bi-monthly only.
Sessions tend to fill up quickly.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping meridians to help teach yourself to achieve your goals.

Japanese tradition of healing by the transfer of universal energy focused through the hands.


Energy Medicine
A range of techniques to channel and target healing energy where it is needed most.
Please contact us to discuss your health goals and desires. We look forward to helping you on
your path to well being.

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