Classes and Lessons

Classes are available by Public groups and Private lesson. All are taught online via Zoom.

Public classes may have anywhere from 3 to 30 attendees. Most workshops are held on Saturdays. They are slower paced with a set curriculum. These Classes are modular and recurring so you can begin anywhere. If you miss a class, you can pick it up when it repeats. Classes in a course are priced individually. In the Tarot Basics course, once you pay for and attend a module, you can audit the recurrence of that class without additional charge. (This does not apply to other courses.) Typically, there are six classes in a course each 1.5 hours long. Current price is $25 per class.

Private lessons are tailored to the Individual. The pace is set by the student. Special interests and levels of detail are taken into consideration. This could be the study of a single course or mixed subjects. These lessons can be booked anytime according to availability on the calendar. Or scheduled as reoccurring on an agreed-upon day and time. Each individual lesson lasts 1.5 hours. Current price is $140 per lesson.

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